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Song, by Toad: " A bloody good EP...It depends a great deal on single guitar notes, which are now dropped into the songs without hurry, allowing the simple but infectious melodies to sink in at their own pace"

Peenko blog: "one of the best releases that I have heard all year. ‘All Homemade Things’ could possibly be my favourite song to come out this year, I can’t get enough of it."

The List: "The Scottish Enlightenment plough a gentle furrow, their ‘Pascal EP’ shuffling along in a dream, echoey and half-asleep, but disguising lyrical bite all the same."

Rock-city.co.uk: 8/10 "Fans of James Yorkston and White Rabbits should appreciate this gentle understated Scottish Rock, the five tracks on this EP are all well crafted, and at times the loose guitar hooks reminded me of Pavement (quite a compliment) particularly on ‘If You Would Just Try a Little Harder’. The whispy vocals of ‘Riverbed’ act as a perfect intro to ‘All Homemade Things’ with it’s strung out guitars that are stretched for dramatic purpose. This is intellectually engaging and a poetic slice of ‘slacker rock’ and this EP deserves to be noticed. Impressive!"


released May 10, 2010

Recorded at Green Door Studio, Glasgow by Jamie Grier and at Goldstar Studio Crosshill by Dan Lyth. Mixed and mastered at Hark! Mastering by Dan Lyth. All songs by David Moyes. Arrangements by The Scottish Enlightenment. Artwork by Cheryl McCann. Photography by David Moyes. (c) & (p) 2010 The Scottish Enlightenment. Under Exclusive License to Armellodie Records. ARM12.


all rights reserved



The Scottish Enlightenment UK

Spread up and down Scotland's east coast like margarine, The Scottish Enlightenment make high ceiling, Smoo Cave, flame-lit music, despite everything.

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Track Name: Pascal
Well I am out of chips
You might think thats it
But hey, read my lips
I will raise you
I've seen yr 2x4
I dunno where we are
And I've got dreadful cards

I am nearly out
Im nearly out
But I cant go back south
With all i came without
[x2, innit.]
I will raise ya
Something i brought along
It is all i've got
and it cant be lost
without trouble
Out of the heart of men
see yr dead presidents
raise three score and ten

I am nearly out...
Track Name: If You Would Just Try A Bit Harder
If you would just try a bit harder
You would see what i see
It comes down to maths, its all charts and graphs

If you would just try a bit harder
You'd see the trunk on your couch
the boards on the floor, the quietened more
You cant live without

If you would just try a bit harder
You could lay yr god down
with the UFOs, the yetis and ghosts,
Inventions at most

If you would just try a bit harder
You would know the god hole,
That naturalist guff is just not enough
Life is too tough

Even if you tried a lot harder
You'd never do what we do
The things in the sky, the people alive

Even if you tried a lot harder
You cant say joy to the world
peace on the earth, goodwill to all men
You'v nothing like that
Peace on the earth, goodwill to all men.
Track Name: Riverbed
I drank a lot, and i stole a car, i hit a house and it killed a child, so let me go away from here, down the street and through the fields, away up north where i can hide between the hills and the riverside. I will take off all my clothes lie silently so no one knows. On the riverbed, i'll hold my breath til someone comes and changes it. On the riverbed I'll freeze my head, and hold my breath.
Track Name: All Homemade Things
I woke up and i looked outside
A new car on my drive,
A big house and a hot wife,
And my dad died

I looked in the mirror and i said
'what a neat haircut on my head...
with two daughters still in bed
and my mum dead...'

Into the morning all concussed
A nice suit as i must,
And all easy things my life's lust
And all hard things are unjust
And all homemade things bust
And turned to dust
Track Name: To The Dogs
Oh come on there no hope left
Lets just drop...Oh cant we just drop down here
Oh come on there no way out
Lets just drop...lets just drop the big ideas

They all hate my bony face and
they all hate...they all hate yr rasping voice
Let just give them what they want,
They're closing in, our arguments are useless toys

Missions are all very well but
I am beat, my legs only go so far
Prophecy is quite the rage but
They dont care lets let them go to the dogs

Let the sun wither and bleach you
And the moss cover and keep you
And the rain smother and seep into you